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Tsunami alert as Chile hit by powerful earthquake

A powerful earthquake has hit central Chile, causing buildings to sway in the capital Santiago, officials say.

Tsunami alert as ChileThe 8.3-magnitude tremor centred off the coast, about 144 miles (232km) north-west of the capital.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warned that “widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible”.

There were no immediate reports of damage, but evacuation was ordered in coastal areas. Tsunami sirens were heard in the port of Valparaiso.

The earthquake struck just off the coast at 19:54 local times (22:54 GMT). Officials say it was at the depth of about 10km.

The US Geological Survey initially reported the tremor as magnitude 7.9, but then quickly revised the reading to 8.3.

Several strong aftershocks were reported just minutes later.

“Tsunami waves reaching more than three metres above the tide level are possible along some coasts of Chile,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center later warned.

It also also issued a tsunami watch for Hawaii.



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