French President François Hollande leads tribute to Paris terror victims

France has paid tribute to the 130 people killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris, exactly two weeks ago today.

At the ‘Invalides’ memorial in the city, victims’ families joined survivors, emergency service workers, religious leaders and politicians for a national memorial service at which the names of those massacred by Islamist gunmen and suicide bombers were read out.

President Francois Hollande told those present “We will not give in to either fear or hatred”.

And in response to the extremists who targeted people sitting at cafes, attending a rock concert and a football match, he pledged there would be more songs, concerts and shows, and vowed that the French people would keep going to sports stadiums.

Hollande pointed out that most of those killed were aged under 35 and said that their generation had now become “the face of France” in which he had full confidence.


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