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Terror in Paris: more than 100 dead in co-ordinated attacks

Up to seven attacks across Paris leave scores dead
Police raid Bataclan concert hall, killing at least two gunman and finding more than 100 victims
Two explosions reportedly caused by suicide bombers near Stade de France where national football team were playing Germany
Shootings also occured in restaurant and a shopping mall.
President François Hollande declares a state of emergency and closes French borders.

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3 hours ago
  • More than 100 people dead in various simultaneous attacks in Paris, dozens seriously wounded, according to French media
  • Hostage situation inside a theatre in Bataclan area of French capital is concluded after police assault, various reports suggest between “tens of dozens” and “over 100” dead bodies, two attackers among them
  • Multiple explosions and shooting outside Stade de France football stadium during friendly international match, reports suggest suicide bombing
  • Reports of attacks in 5 or 6 separate locations across Paris
  • Francois Hollande declares State of Emergency across France and closes borders


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