Jordan King: Syria crisis This is a global war. III World War – Fikrikadim

Jordan King: Syria crisis This is a global war. III World War

Home to hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled Syria, encroaching Islamist terrorism at its borders – these are troubled times for Jordan.

In this edition of ‘The Global Conversation’, euronews’ Isabelle Kumar speaks to King Abdullah II about the influx of Syrian refugees in Jordan, his thoughts on the international community’s aid, the Islamic State threat and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Isabelle Kumar:
“Your Majesty, many thanks for joining us on “The Global Conversation”. Jordan is a small country, but you have a history of providing asylum to refugees. There are so many Syrians fleeing the war, now, just across the border, that is putting your economy and your resources under great strain. How much longer can you cope with this?”

His Majesty King Abdullah II:
“Well, we have been coping for several years now. We’re pretty much maxed-out; 1.4, roughly, million Syrian refugees, that’s about 20 per cent of our population. That’s probably as much as we can take.

“Obviously, with the presence of the Russians now in Syria, depending on how that turns out on ground fighting, there is a concern that there may be more refugees being pushed down towards the south.

“So, it’s a day-to-day issue that we are struggling with; especially with the fact that only 10 per cent of the refugees are actually in the refugee camps, the rest of them are across our country, in all the villages and all the cities.”

Isabelle Kumar:
“You asked for $3 billion in aid at the beginning of this year. How much of that has been fulfilled?”


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