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Innovative education ideas reap rewards and awards in Kenya and Ghana

WISE, the World Innovation Summit for Education, kicks off this week in Doha. Around 1,500 experts and policy makers will discuss the latest hot topics and concerns in the field. In this edition we meet two of the six WISEaward winners that are being rewarded for their original solutions to some age-old education problems.

Around 2.7 billion people globally live on $2 a day, with such limited resources getting a quality education may seem unrealistic. Let’s take a look how one project in Kenya has established an innovative model to tackle this challenge head on.

In the Kichagi slum in Nairobi, Madeline Mukhonyi is getting her daughter Patience ready for school. Madeline is a single mother who raises two girls on a daily salary of 200 Kenyan Shillings, around $2, by selling food on the streets: “You see in my time, when I was her age, I couldn’t speak English, even I couldn’t read a book in English. But she can read.”

It used to be unthinkable for struggling families like Madeline’s to send a child to a decent private school for less than $6 a month. Bridge International Academies have made it possible.

It is a network of low-cost private schools established in Kenya in 2009. Their concept, “Academy in a box” consists of a nook tablet, which they call a teacher computer. Through it, Bridge teachers receive their daily lessons from HQ.

Mary Juma is a teacher involved in the project:“We have the teacher computer that really assists the teachers in delivering the contents of the lesson in class. We also have great materials to aid the pupils learn best and faster.“


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