AK Party wins a majority in Turkish elections as HDP scrapes through – Fikrikadim

AK Party wins a majority in Turkish elections as HDP scrapes through

Turkey’s ruling AK Party has won back its majority and will be able to form a single-party government again after Sunday’s general election, according to unofficial figures.

With almost 90 percent of votes counted, the AK Party was on 49.9 percent according to Anadolu

Catch up with all the live events as they happen in Turkey’s second general election this year.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will remain at the helm of a single ruling party in Turkey.

His AK Party had secured an outright majority since 2002 but fell short at the last election in June. Talks failed to form a coalition.

At June’s election the AK Party secured 258 seats, CHP won 132, MHP gained 80 and the HDP Party had 80 also.

Erdogan wanted and campaigned for a super majority of more than 376 seats to change the constitution with the hope of remaining in power for longer. He fell well short in this respect.

But what is in doubt is whether the HDP Party will fall short of the threshold required to remain in Parliament. If not, Erdogan’s AK Party could be looking at a super majority, which will give it extra executive powers.

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