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Music score app finishes page-turners

At a concert in Budapest, 11-year-old pianist Misi Boros used the Musica Piano instead of a printed score. All classical piano works are available free with this app, created by the publisher Könemann Music in Budapest.

Misi Boros said the app had several advantages: “My backpack weighs 5 kilos, and I have to carry it every day. I have four piano lessons a week and I’m exhausted from carrying my heavy bag all the time. With this app life will be much easier, all the scores are available on my mobile in my pocket. My smartphone only weighs a few grams. I was already thinking about attaching a memory stick to the piano so I could read digital scores. Now this app is the same thing.”

The app also helps music teaching. Any student can connect with any pianist anywhere in the world, even a famous teacher or a celebrated artist. 82-year-old Hungarian pianist, Tamás Vásáry, was the special guest at the Musica Piano app’s launch. He said that the new app would have allowed him to connect to many of the world class pianists he admired so much. All content (piano scores plus functions like teaching, and rehearsals) is available free, once users are online.

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