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Meat cancer research waves red flag

A gust of panic over the food we eat blew across Europe with the release on Monday of a report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The agency placed red meat officially in the category of substances that probably cause cancers in people, and processed meats as cancer-causing.

We asked the World Health Organisation’s Doctor Kurt Straif about the report. In Lyon, France, working with around 20 colleagues, Straif’s research focus is on occupational and environmental risk factors for cancer.

Sandrine Delorme, euronews: “In what way do red meat and processed meats raise cancer risks? And which cancers are we talking about?”

Straif: “Processed meats were evaluated as belonging in Group 1, where we know there is a link with cancer in humans, especially colorectal cancer. In the case of red meat, its evaluation puts it in Group 2A, meaning a cancer-causing probability. Its indications were not as strong although there were clear indications that there is a link to colon cancer.”


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