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Turkey mourns Ankara attacks

Thousands across Turkey have paid tribute to the victims of the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history.

At least 95 people died as the result of twin blasts, which ripped through a peace rally of pro-Kurdish and leftist activists in the centre of Ankara.The government says there is strong evidence the explosions were the result of suicide bombings.

Autopsies are ongoing. The names of at least 77 victims have been officially released.

Officials warn the death toll is likely to rise. Some 248 people are being treated in hospital, almost 50 of whom are said to be in intensive care.

Who is to blame?

As the country begins three days of mourning, investigators are working on identifying the perpetrators.

Immediately after the attack, the pro-Kurdish HDP laid blame on the ruling AKP. Both parties have cancelled forthcoming rallies for the November 1 general election.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu of the AKP dismissed accusations of involvement and instead suggested ISIL, Kurdish or far-left militants could have carried out the bombings.


In Germany, which boasts the largest Turkish population outside Turkey, some 3,000 people turned out for peaceful rallies on the evening of the explosions. The biggest marches were held in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. A number of smaller memorial events were held elsewhere in the country.


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