VW diesel scandal: Belgium says 500,000 cars ‘suspicious’ – Fikrikadim

VW diesel scandal: Belgium says 500,000 cars ‘suspicious’

Following Switzerland’s ban on sales of some Volkswagen diesel models over the emissions scandal, action is being taken in Belgium too.

A major importing firm, D’Ieteren, has suspended sales of cars whose engines are considered susceptible to manipulation. Reports say 3,200 vehicles are affected.

It’s thought half a million cars have the type of engine that allows tampering.

The government says the brands involved are Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat.

Economy Minister Kris Peeters told Het Laatste Nieuws that half a million cars were “suspicious”.

“There’s definitely a problem, in Belgium as well. We think there’s a maximum of 500,000 cars that were sold in Belgium. The exact number isn’t clear, because it’s not known how how many of them have the software,” he said.

European officials including the Commission’s vice-president say EU laws could be changed to introduce tougher missions tests in the wake of the Volkswagen rigging scandal.

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