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The love of Bodrum’s boutique hotels

There are many suggestions that can be made about Bodrum. This week, I am going to talk about boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are ideal for those who want to avoid long queues, noise and crowds of 5-star hotels. For those who want special service and gourmet food, as well as a quiet, private holiday, I want to tell you about two very different alternatives in Bodrum. The first one is Maça Kızı (meaning ‘Queen of Spades’). Undisputedly, Maça Kızı is one of the oldest establishments in the region, which brought the beach club culture to Bodrum.

Owner and business administrator of the hotel, Sahir Erozan, is also one of the oldest business administrators in Turkey. He named the hotel Maça Kızı, inspired by his mother’s nickname in her social circle years ago. The hotel and beach club providing service in Türkbükü is currently one of the most popular spots in Bodrum. There is a beach bar with happy hour and large sunbathing area on the beach. You can also take advantage of the two boats docked at its pier. You have a chance to go on private sea tours to the Greek islands by the vanilla-colored gullet, and can visit the unique bays of Bodrum by catamaran. The sunbathing areas of the hotel are quite large. I particularly like the idea of fireplaces on the beach.

The cabanas are so special and big enough to experience an enjoyable time. Wood materials, pastel colors and natural stone are used in the decorations, which reflect the nature of Bodrum. I particularly admire the Spa. It is even possible to have a massage in a forest away from everyone. This green land is something like a fascinating garden. Likewise, the Spa space in Maça Kızı Hotel is also original. The glass-walled Turkish bath is especially impressive and you feel like you are in the forest thanks to the giant glass wall. The marble Turkish bath is quite modern and plain. Another aspect of Maça Kızı that I would like to mention is the area surrounding the swimming pool. A Turkish carpet under a tree with an antique table, in one word, mesmerized me. Likewise I was fascinated by the plain yet smart design of the breakfast hall, which is decorated with Turkish carpets and wooden furniture. You can glimpse marvelous sea views from Maça Kızı, especially from this giant hall.

By the way, don’t forget to have a look at the antique pasta machine featured there. The hotel rooms are quite plain, but offer quiet summer relief. I especially admired the cushions placed on the windowsills, which draw you in to read a book. The suite rooms are quite big and almost all of them have a sea view. Acqua Di Parma products used in the rooms match the quality of the hotel. The design of the restaurant is quite assertive and its view is stunning. There is an open buffet apart from the ala-Carte menu for lunch. The salads, olive oil dishes and fish are wonderful. I enjoyed the seafood paella on the menu. Also, the hotel has a rich wine cellar. One can go to Maça Kızı daily for swimming, lunches or dinner.

There are private boutique shops in the entrance of the hotel where you can find swimsuits, accessories and specially designed summer clothes. Make sure you make your reservation in advance, as Maça Kızı is one of the popular places that should be visited in Bodrum. I would like to congratulate Sahir Erozan for contributing such a place to Turkish tourism and would also like to congratulate Clementine Georges who is responsible for the public relations and marketing of Maça Kızı.

Tuscany in Bodrum

Another unique boutique hotel in Bodrum is Bella Sombra, which is located in Türkbükü. The name of this heavenly hotel means “the most beautiful tree which gives its shadow”. The architecture of the hotel is completely Mediterranean. Famous architect Murat Pilevneli, designed the garden and pool area where you feel as if you are in a vineyard in Tuscany. The combination of ceramic colors, asymmetric geometry and the natural stone used, makes this swimming pool unique in Bodrum. I even admired the quality of the beach towels.

The furniture around the swimming pool and main bar are well selected; some of them are from Italy and some of them are from Konya. Others are from many different Turkish and European cities. Almost all of the sun beds are antique; especially the retro ones with high feet, which are perfect. Also, I found the parrot patterns inside the sun bed umbrellas to be quite creative, as you feel like you are under a tropical tree. The rooms are quite plain and modern but are usefully and practically designed, and cream is the dominant color. Sitting in groups with cushions around the bar is an ideal way to relax all day and you don’t even think about standing up.

Private wedding ceremonies and other events can be arranged in the poolside and garden areas of the hotel. There are antique objects scattered around the garden. The restaurant part is quite authentic – a typical Mediterranean kitchen decoration is dominant with wrought iron tables, orange cushions and ceramic ornaments. Spaghetti with eggplant is my favorite item on the menu, but I suggest you taste the pizza too. The hotel has a different atmosphere at night. Candles and lights under olive trees make you feel like you are on a long journey in the Mediterranean. I suggest for you to visit this unique hotel just to have a drink apart from dinner. I congratulate the general manager of the hotel, Murat Özalp, for the hotel’s success. Go and stay in this hotel as soon as possible!


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